precious plastic

a project by dave hakkens

Collecting plastic

I asked people to save there old plastics for me. Bottles, containers, buckets, chairs etc. I Shred this into small pieces to use in my machines. The people below are my 8 top-collectors, so thanks!collecting_plasticcollecting_plastic_02collecting_plastic_3 collecting_plastic_04


  1. Hi Dave,
    I came across this website and many more that have info on your project.I was desperate about how to deal with plastics that is now problem everywhere in Tanzania and many other towns and villages in Africa.Luckily someone like you is in place and already has started helping out.

    I am now living in Arusha Tanzania East Africa…a tourist town in the northern part of the country.Boundering Kilimanjaro region(Named after Mt..Kilimanjaro), with serengeti, ngorongoro, arusha, manyara, tarangine etc national parks..

    We are doing software developemen and reselling ,still in our infact but with great hope for the future.

    We are ready even to offer a safari package just to have you demonstrate live or having a demeonstrative sample.We would try working with some workshops but we would try puhing things down in terms of costs so that poor people can afford and use as self employement starting point.

    we have been offering free +cheap computers training courses to our society and would very much like to add this to the list .

    Thank you.
    Nicholas Peter mmasi.

  2. Hi Dave, I came across this website just like Nicholas Peter Mmasi (above) and his story has inspired me to write something myself.

    It’s my long term life goal to visit Africa particularly the places Nicholas has mentioned. It’s crazy I know but, my fathers side of my family was raised near there. well to be exact born in Nairobi, Kenya and lived all over up and down the coast line.

    I myself was born In Brisbane, Australia and have been lucky enough to live a more safe life. With more opportunities although It’s mine & my fathers dream to one day in the future venture back over to Africa together.

    I cannot wait to explore the world (hopefully)
    but Africa is definitely the first on my list :)

    If I am ever successful enough to travel there myself I would live there for a while travelling to all the communities as Africa is such a large continent. just helping others that were less fortunate than me.

    One can only dream but two together can make something happen :)

    ps. The community of Phonebloks is so large already (and growing) I think it has the potential to help alot of people. the worlds first and best recyclable phone :)

    We are one but we are many!

    Joel Alexander Sherrard-Smith.

  3. Zoek je nog mensen om plastic te verzamelen? Ik kan veel mensen bereiken om massaal PP of HPDE plastic voor je in te zamelen!

    Superproject om toch iets nuttig te doen met die plastic zooi.

    • Op het moment nog niet, we zijn bezig met de machines door-ontwikkelen. Maar als deze klaar zijn en ergens werkend staan is dat zeker een goede optie!

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