covid-19 response

Learn how the Precious Plastic community, with its hundreds of workspaces around the world, is hard at work to develop local, distributed and open source solutions to tackle the global pandemic.

All these items are produced using Precious Plastic Injection machines -
up to 75x faster than 3D Printed solutions!

Intensive Care Respirator mask

Precious Plastic Gran Canaria collaborated with their local maker community to design and produce these ICU respirator masks to help alleviate shortages in local hospitals.

Face Visor

Precious Plastic La Safor, Plasticpreneur, kunststoffschmiede and Precious Plastic Gran Canaria all developed their own versions of face visors to provide vital protective equipment to the volunteers, nurses and doctors working at their regional hospitals across Europe.

Hands Free Door Opener

Alumoulds (Greece) worked in partnership with Precious Plastic Leman (Switzerland) to design these injected hands free openers helping people open doors and reduce the spread of the virus through contact.

*To ensure hygienic standards are met, in this exceptional situation it is ok to use Precious Plastic machines with virgin plastic.

why precious plastic?

Learn how Precious Plastic could a viable solution to provide help to releve the global pandemic and help save lives around the planet.

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