The Full story

Plastic is one of the most precious materials on earth. It’s lightweight, strong, easy to shape and great to recycle. But it’s seen as a disposable and worthless material, it’s cheap, produced in enormous quantities and shipped all over the world. Of all the plastic we use only 10% is recycled. Mainly because the machines that produce plastic products are expensive, extremely complex and are used very efficient to keep costs low. Working with recycled plastic runs the risk of damaging/polluting machines, which might slow down their production process.

I have developed a series of machines to set up a small scale plastic workshop. The machinery is based on industry standards but designed to build yourself, easy to use and made to work with recycled plastic. You can bring your old plastic to a workshop like this, new products will be made and sold. Like a carpenter or a ceramist, it is now possible to produce plastic locally.

This project is still in progress, I will continue with this and further develop machines and  set up an online community. My goal was to share all the blueprints online by now, but due to my other project Phonebloks haven’t found the time to do this yet. But stay tuned, they will come!

Collecting plastic

I asked people to save there old plastics for me. Bottles, containers, buckets, chairs etc. I Shred this into small pieces to use in my machines. The people below are my 8 top-collectors, so thanks!collecting_plasticcollecting_plastic_02collecting_plastic_3 collecting_plastic_04