Discover the numbers behind Precious Plastic and learn about the impact hundreds of recycling workspaces are having in every corner of the planet.

grand data

Learn about the key impact data from the Precious Plastic movement. This is the global positive impact from Precious Plastic in 2023.

56 Countries

People and organizations entering the survey were from 56 different countries, which is about 30% of all countries on the planet.

1.400 Tons recycled

In 2023 alone over 1400 TONS were recycled by people and organizations working on Precious Plastic.

$3.7+ MM Revenue

The total revenue generated by the 184 organizations entering the data in 2023 was 3.7 million USD with the highest earning organization making 500k USD and the average project making 25k/yr.

530 employees

Hundreds of people and families around the planet are building their lives on Precious Plastic recycling plastic waste for a living.


A large portion of the Precious Plastic community volunteers their time and energy to bring to life projects and programs to lessen the plastic crises.

1175Machines built

In 2023 alone the 184 organizations entering the data built and sold 1175 machines to recycle plastic globally. Decentralised, local and autonomous.

graphs and charts

Now let’s nerd out on the data :)

Plastic processed per country
Organizations per country
Machines built per country
Continent overview

success stories

Some of the Precious Plastic success stories

Makes furniture and objects from recycled plastic and local hardwood.

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

A workspace in the middle of the jungle, recycling 900 kg of plastic with hundreds of volunteers.

Colombia 🇨🇴

Have built 14 Precious Plastic workspaces in 2023, showcasing a commitment to reducing waste and developing their local community

Portugal 🇵🇹

First Design Studio in Panama to give value to discarded plastic! They have recycled 14.000 kg of plastic.

Panama 🇵🇦

Beyond their recycling activities, they have shared how to build a cycling shredder.

Italy 🇮🇹

A Precious Plastic organization building 100+ Precious Plastic machines in Bali and empowering thousands of people to recycle plastic and clean up Indonesia

Indonesia 🇮🇩

tip of the iceberg

The data you’ve just seen comes from 184 organizations-Precious Plastic, however, is much larger than that, as we have 2014 registered ones on our Community Map

Only 9% of the actual Precious Plastic community impact is shown here! 

As we depend on the workspaces to add their data, we are unfortunately missing quite a few and don’t have the manpower to audit it. 

We know this data isn’t the most accurate, but it is a start to tackle the challenge of measuring the impact of a large open source project! One of our long term goals is to improve.

The data you've just seen is only the tip of the iceberg.

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