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We're creating the largest recycling movement on the planet

Precious Plastic ecosystem is powered by thousands of recycling entrepreneurs building their life on making plastic (waste) precious!

Precious Plastic Impact

Precious Plastic's innovative small-scale recycling approach has helped:
- recycle 1400 TONS of plastic waste
- generate $3.7M in revenue
- employ 530 people
- volunteer 3405 people
- build 1175 recycling machines

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Partner with us

We run projects with organisations around the world. We do events, presentations, pilots and R&D. We basically know a lot about plastic and love to collaborate to push recycling forward! Some previous projects: Container in maldives, workspace in Kenya, table for Jaden Smith.

Plastic recycling workshop in a container

A movement of people

Precious Plastic enables tens of thousands of people to dedicate their lives to recycle plastic and alleviate the plastic waste problem. Learn about some of the success stories on our Youtube channel.

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