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People, groups and organisations create recycling spaces to power the Precious Plastic Universe. Spaces are connected and dependant on each other, collaborating to tackle the plastic problem. Discover the different spaces below:

A Precious Plastic workspace is where plastic gets transformed from waste into valuable raw materials or products. There are five different workspaces: Shredder, Extrusion, Sheetpress, Injection and Mix.

Collection Points gather plastic from neighbours, organisations and businesses to be processed by local Shredder Workspaces.

Community Points connect and grow the local recycling network. Strengthening the existing community while involving in more and more people.

Machine Shops produce and build parts, machines and moulds for others in the local recycling network.

Precious Plastic members are the ones who fuel the recycling network by helping with plastic collection, spreading the word, purchasing recycled plastic products and supporting in other ways.

Everyone can get involved

Different backgrounds, skills, drives or expertise can all work together in different Precious Plastic recycling spaces.

Local Networks

Precious Plastic spaces working together create a local network which offers an alternative recycling system to people.

Local networks can grow as big as needed but should always try to keep distance to a minimum. This helps reduce shipping and pollution as well as maintaining a personal connection with plastic.



Shredder Workspaces
Extrusion Workspaces
Sheetpress Workspaces
Injection Workspaces
Mix Workspaces
Collection Points
Community Points
Machine Shops

Number of spaces

In order to function successfully, a local network needs a minimum number of Precious Plastic spaces and as many people as possible to work together.

And as it grows should try to maintain a certain relationship between the number of spaces, like in this table.

Knowledge exchange

Local networks, spaces and people create and share knowledge, tips and tricks around the world to come closer to a solution to the plastic problem. Together.

join your local network!

Connect with people and recycling spaces near you. Go to Discord, discover #your-country-channel and take it from there.

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