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We developed business tools to help people create successful recycling businesses. Learn how to setup your recycling project, successfully!

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Action Plan

Plan the components of your project in detail. Sketch out your mission, target groups, income streams, running costs and much more.

Workspace Calculator

Calculate the numbers behind starting a workspace. Find out what you’ll make per month, how you should price your products, and how much you’ll need to start.

Business Plan Template

Your business, all in one big plan. Put all your ideas, plans, financial projections and repayment plans down on paper, and go get those loans and grants!

Man giving a recycling presentation

Craft your mission

Every successful Precious Plastic business starts for a reason. Craft your mission to guide your work and set your goals.

Calculate your investment

Check your investments to see how much money you’ll need to start. That means your machines, tools, and anything else you need for your recycling space.

Price your products

Pricing your products can be a difficult science. We help you price your products to properly cover your costs and make a profit.

Write your business plan

It all comes together with a business plan. We help you draft a plan for all your ideas, operations, & strategy so that you can apply for grants, loans, and other funding.

more businesses, more recycling. that simple.

More and more people are sustaining themselves financially recycling plastic. Check out the starterkits options and start a recycling space of your own.

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