Celebrate 10 years of Precious Plastic with the launch of the

the precious plastic universe

precious plastic


Humans have made a lot plastic.
And that's kind of a big problem by now.

Lucas and his family are worried about the impact of all that plastic and want to help recycling it.

Dad explaining kid how to recycle

Julie works at a Collection Point where she helps gathering plastic waste from people and businesses.

Paul and his friends run a recycling workspace where they transforms plastic waste into new products.

Sara connects all the different people recycling plastic in her town and helps grow the local Precious Plastic network.

People start Precious Plastic networks everywhere on the planet, creating a big community working to fix the plastic waste problem.

This all happens within the Precious Plastic Universe, where all the solutions needed to tackle the plastic problem come together: the people, the machines, the knowledge, the techniques and much more.

become part of the precious plastic universe

There are many ways to join the Precious Plastic Universe. You can meet people on Discord, browse the Map or dig the Academy. But first, discover the Starterkits.

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