our history


Dave Hakkens starts to work on Precious Plastic as part of his studies a the Design Academy in Eindhoven.


Dave Hakkens releases Precious Plastic Version 1 during his graduation show at DAE.


Three people independently replicated the V1 recycling machines. This was enough to see the potentials.


Dave Hakkens and a team of five goes back to the drawing board and start developing Version 2.

Early 2016

Precious Plastic Version 2 is released to the world. The internet is listening and a lot of people get to know about it.

Early 2017

Dave, Mattia and a team of 12 start working on Version 3. The focus is to offer more techniques to work with the existing machines.

Late 2017

Precious Plastic Version 3 is released to the world. The community is now mature and global.

Sept 2018

Dave, Mattia, Kat and a team of 40 start working on Version 4. Developing new machines, techniques and strategies to tackle plastic waste.

Jan 2020

The Precious Plastic Universe is released to the world and aims to become the global alternative recycling system.