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People making and sharing their own tools and machines to tackle the plastic waste problem.

Bicycle shredder

This bike shredder developed by Precious Plastic Shanghai excels in function and form. Great tool for their educational workshops.

By Precious Plastic Shanghai

Recycle in a box

This box unfolds in fully functional recycling station with a Shredder and Injection ready to run workshops across Europe.

By Recycle On The Spot

All in one

At Monash University they squeeze all the machines in a compact unit to teach sustainability classes to the students.

By Precious Plastic Monash
Australia flag


In their year long research into making recycled sunglasses Tallers Esferica developed a flywheel Injection machine. Way more pressure.

By Tallers Esferica

Extrusion on wheels

Beautifully executed mobile recycling station to do extrusion workshops in Seoul.

By Prag studio

3D priniting add on

QI Tech develops ad hoc 3D printing machines to be plugged in with Precious Plastic machines.

By QI Tech

learn from the community

Different people. Different problems. Different machines. Learn how people hack their machines to serve their recycling needs.

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