Committed sapiens dedicating their days (and nights) to maintain and develop Precious Plastic globally.

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Mattia Bernini


Strategy, direction and design at Precious Plastic since 2015

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Ops Manager

Defining or optimizing processes, tracking  and reporting, plus manage the Bazar.

Marcela Azoubel

Community Manager

I'm the bridge between Precious Plastic and the community to grow our collective impact.

Marwan Rasmy

Fundrasing Manager

I am motivated by the vision of creating a positive impact in the fight against plastic pollution and promoting circular economy.

Karolina Gruszczyk

Communications Manager

I'm here to make sure the world can hear about the magic that is happening in Precious Plastic workshops around the world 📣


Nice people contributing to the development and maintenance of Precious Plastic on a regulard basis.

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Celia Smolai


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Max Verloop


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Elora Wenger