version 1

During 2013 Dave Hakkens began his journey into plastic recycling researching, prototyping, testing and finally building the first Precious Plastic machines.

V1 Promo video

Design Academy 2013

Dave Hakkens begins his journey into plastic recycling at the Design Academy, Eindhoven.

Machines' prototypes

Many tests and prototypes to understand the underlying concept of recycling machines.

Product testing

While developing the machines tons of product tests and prototypes helped Dave get an understanding of the potentials of plastic recycling.

Version 1

After a year of work Precious Plastic version 1 was ready. And if that wasn't enough all the drawings to replicate them were also online for everyone to replicate.

Precious Plastic had begun.

Version 1 team

Dave Hakkens and his spontaneous stubbornness paired with endless teenager energies created the 3 recycling machines plus product samples.

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Dave Hakkens

12 months

Did a bit of everything, making machines, blueprints, research photography etc. Had very little experience making machines. Youtube tutorials were my friends :)