version 2

In March 2016 we officially relaunched Precious Plastic. Version 2 was developed throughout 2015 in The Netherlands with a team of 3 in-house plus a few more remote volunteers.

V2 Promo video

Stimulerings Fond

Precious Plastic was awarded 10.000€ by Stimulerings Fond to develop Version 2.

Call for enginners

With the money just received Dave put out a call for engineers to help improve the machines. Kees was quick to reply and helped throughout the year. Taco was not so quick but was so keen to help that got himself a ticket and also joined the team in The Netherlands.

Remote help

Machines were developed in The Netherlands. Whereas website, logo and digital assets were designed and developed remotely.

New Logo

New machines need new logo. Together with our online community we design a new logo for Precious Plastic. Logo that we still use today (with a small update).

Version 2 team

Engineers and machine builders helped onsite while designers and developers volunteered remotely for up to 10 months release Version 2 to the world.

Dave profile pictureNetherlands flag
Dave Hakkens

12 months

Was trying to find ways to grow the team with limited budget. Once it was assembled  help the development of machines and record the instruction videos.

Netherlands flag

9 months

Yes, the Dutch machine builder that replied to the video! He ended up putting way more of his time into the project. He is the reason the machines are rock-solid.


3 months

The Mexican guy that came voluntarily and paid his ticket to help out the project. Still amazed by this! Although his time was limited due to stupid visa reasons he put all his energy into improving the machines!

Italy flag
Mattia Bernini

10 months

He was suddenly in our workshop all the way from Berlin, amazing! He is now responsible for the Design & Strategy at Precious Plastic.

Germany flag

3 months

Dave met him on twitter, said he wanted to code a website. Boy, he really loves to try out the latest technologies and develop for the web. Half of the time I haven’t got a clue what he means. But he always gets it done!

Netherlands flag

4 months

I share my workspace with this fellow. He is always in for a good brainstorm about Precious Plastic. And he has also been helping out making the instruction videos super easy to understand.

Netherlands flag

4 months

I share my workspace with this guy as well. He has been using his aesthetic and creative skills to show others the possibilities of what you can make with plastic.