version 4

Exactly 112 people came to Eindhoven to craft Precious Plastic Version 4. Living and working together. For 15 consecutive months.

Famae Award

In May 2018, Famae awarded Precious Plastic 300.000€ to further develop the project.

Big workspace

The city of Eindhoven invited Precious Plastic to work in a huge workspace in the centre of the city. Free of charge. Epic.

Anti-squat houses

We lived communally in 10 houses about to be demolished. Living together. Like a (weird) family. With the occasional parties.

Skilled sapiens

More than one hundred super skilled and qualified people came to work on Precious Plastic. Dedicating their time to the project. Unpaid. To push the project further. Heroes.

Vegan delight

We followed a plant-based diet for the duration of the entire project as we see this as the most sustainable way of sourcing our energies. No one died. And it tasted delicious.

Version four team

People poured in from around the world to develop Version 4. Skilled designers, engineers, developers and helpers volunteered up to 16 months to make it happen. Hats off.

Dave profile pictureNetherlands flag
Dave Hakkens

18 months

Trying to manage this fun chaos.

Italy flag
Mattia [Perez] Bernini

18 months

Strategy, design and web. From dreaming Version 4 in Portugal to clicking that final upload button.

Katharina profile pictureGermany flag
Katharina Elleke

12 months

Land scouting in Portugal, community stalking and social media, documenting and moderating, and distributing hugs and smiles.

Joseph profile pictureUnited States flag
Joseph Klatt

18 months

Developing business tools and business models for people to use when getting started.

United States flag
Paul DuFour

14 months

Plastics research, Maldives pilot project, V4 starterkit workspace design, sometimes bread.

Manduku Michael

3 months

Product design on the extrusion and injection. Now in Kenya making recycled baskets.

Filip Sjögren

6 months

Making videos, music and sound design. Made Monthly News 28-33.

France flag
Nicolas Paries

13 months

Branding, Communication, User Interface Design, Dj Sets & Pizzas.

Hugh profile pictureAustralia flag
Hugh Coombs

6 months

Social Media, Communication, Photography & Press.

Tim SLab

13 months

Designing, Extruding, Experimenting and making a lot of noise.

Germany flag
Leon Held

4 months

Furniture design

Jason Knight

14 months

Machine building, product designer (and a little bit of kitchen time) 

Chile flag
Florencia Ortiz

3 months

Developing the business tools for the V4 launching to help the Precious Plastic Community to develop economically sustainable projects.

Catherine Perez McCormick

10 months

Observing human behaviour from an experimental sustainable plant based kitchen. 

United States flag
Bradford Johnson

8 months

Sorting plastic types using machine vision and robots.

France flag
Benjamin Gammaire

14 months

Coding, maintaining & organizing the development of the new Precious Plastic community platform.

Caro profile pictureChile flag
Carolina Espinoza

6 months

Styrofoam recycling research and product design with the injection machine (Carabiner).

Yann profile pictureFrance flag
Yann Chauvin

13 months

Welding addict, I also like to put a little order in workspace mess.

Italy flag
Nicol Tonello

6 months

Product design with the extrusion machine.

Alexandre Savard

5 months

V4 Extrusion machine designing and building.

Elizabeth Viatkin

2 months

Making videos for the V4.

United States flag
DJ Herzog

3 months

Chief of Team Fun
making sure everyone was having fun.

Italy flag
Serafina Papasergio

14 months

Coordinate 100 volunteers accommodation, part time photographer, international mama.

Alejandro Herrera

6 months

Developing low cost sensor for plastic identification for manual and Automatic sorting, hacking and improving firmware and electronics for v4 machines.

Tai Katok

2 months

Exploring sheet press development, testing and improving machines.

United States flag
Eden Taylor

2 months

Feeding the community & exploring sheet press development, testing and improving machines.

Erdenesuvd Bat-Erdene

2 months

Researching about fume safety.

Saskia Rysenbry

14 months

UX design for the V4 Community Platform + working on the V4 Academy.

France flag
Vincent Josse

8 months

V4 Extrusion machine designing and building.

Yegor Kazmin

3 months

Running the kitchen, cooking for the team.

Glykeria Makrygianni

5 months

Setting up and running a collection Point, sometimes princess.

Italy flag
Andrea Soverini

8 months (part-time)

Helping the digital team making the platform a better platform.

Germany flag
Jannis Kempkens

13 months

Researching into biodegradable alternatives to plastic / “making gross stuff” :)

Sue Yee Khor

3 months

Set up a zero waste corner, decorate cozy workspace with plenty of wall painting.

Luiza Braga

3 months

Creating a brand manual, some illustrations and updating some files.

Adrián Coira

14 months

Research about plastic, design and build workspaces, and taking the firsts steps towards Project Kamp.

Netherlands flag
Julie Greijn

13 months

Shaping the “collection point” and doing research into synthetic textiles.

Germany flag
Louis Bindernagel

14 months

Research about plastic, building a washing system, working in the fashion tent, cooking sometimes, little product design.

France flag
Paul Pichot

1 month

Working on the community platform.

Vicente Varella

13 months

Coordinating the product design team and researching techniques to process recycled plastic.

Netherlands flag
Mariska Lamiaud

13 months

Illustrator, service designer and responsible amongst other things for all the Precious Plastic doodles.

flag of hungary
Ágnes Várkonyi

13 months

Cooking for all the lovely people, being in charge with all the birthday cakes. 

Netherlands flag
Peter-Bas Schelling

15 months (remote)

Designing and building the v4 extruder, testing coordination and project management.

Charlotte Allen

7 months

Developed the Precious Plastic and One Army visual identity, and curated both Dutch Design Week Exhibitions.

Germany flag
Friedrich Kegel

15 months

Made the CNC machined injection moulds for the v4 project. Build a concept for a speaker made from recycled plastic and developed a first iteration of a v4 shredder.

Mireia Gordi Vila

5 months (remote)

Design and development of injection moulded carabiner.

Netherlands flag
Siemen Brinksma

6 months (remote)

Developing business tools such as the action plan and the calculator. Supporting strategic decision making

Rory Dickens

6 months

Helped design the recycled brick, related building methods and a quick release system.

flag of hungary
Ákos Gyöngy

6 months

Setting up zero waste kitchen, cooking delish vegan meals :)

Germany flag
Juri Schäffer

2 months

Ideas, tests, sheet press, boatbuilding.

Netherlands flag
Jimi Blesgraaf

7 months

Fresh & dry food supplier, cooking vegan kitchen, growing plants & veggies. Assist coordination & accomodation, facilitate PlasticForGood challenge.

France flag
François Moreau

2 months

Help for monthly news, create videos for the V4.

Borbala Ferencz

4 months

Experimenting with plastic films, research on synthetic textile waste.

Lucy Williams

6 months

Worked alongside the product design team, designing colour recipes for V4 products, and along side collection team, organising material and offcuts created by designers.

Netherlands flag
Thomas Hoogewerf

11 months

Focus on plastic sheet production and design. Also in Panama for plastic plate project.

Katja Lumme

11 months

Being part of this amazing movement by feeding the army.

Chris Clarke

14 months

Architecture and coding of new community platform.

United States flag
Sarah Garrison

3 months

Researched and designed products and processes. Co-designed the V.4 geodesic dome.

flag of hungary
Adrienn Veres

4 months

Designed and organised the exhibition for Dutch Design Week together with the amazing Charlotte Allen. After that, I helped coordinating the photo team and documentation process. 

flag of hungary
Greg Tasnadi

5 months

Worked on the BRICK project with Rory Dickens (Recycle_Rebuild). Designed and developed the ROBOTICS research-box with Bradford Johnson for DDW’19.

France flag
Jeremy Urbero

5 months

Helped in running daily operations in the workspace. Ran tests on the extruder and shredder. Designed a baby chair exploring multibending techniques.

Pradyumna Rao

3 months

Worked on the Shelving system with Ana. Designed and developed methods of making custom moulds for the T shaped beam with the extrusion machine.

Francisco Acuña Prieto

9 months

Designed, built and tested several prototypes and the final design of the Shredder Pro.

Dryden Williams

1 months

Coding of new community platform and helping the Precious Plastic UK community.

Jessica Woodrow

7 months

Organising volunteer accommodation, managing finances, writing blog posts & how-tos.

Netherlands flag
Mark Bachrach

6 months

Cold press sheet press system design and prototyping and testing. 

United States flag
Carmen Kelly

3 months

Designing and testing molds and recipes using food waste for Beyond Plastic.

United States flag
Nate Chandler

3 months

V4 extrusion development / beam research / ocean plastic.

United States flag
Michael Macris

3 months

Sheetpress system design, fabrication and testing.

United States flag
Enis Akiev

3 months

Sheetpress system design, fabrication and testing.

United States flag
Tom Kochtitzky

3 months

V.4 Sheetpress Team Designer and Fabricator.

Italy flag
Alberto Anzellotti

3 months

Designed and manufactured the double axis Shredder Pro prototype (mechanics and electronics).

Netherlands flag
Tirsa van der Laan

6 months

Managing finances, set-up projects and legal stuff.

Chu Wai Kit

8 months

Designed the geodesic dome with Sarah, took photos for v4 website.

Patreon Supporters

Hundreds of people supported us with monthly donations throughout the year. We're humbled by so much love and support.

David(o) Van Haute
Ricardo Frois
Wybe Jongenelen
Tyler McNaney
Nicolas JACOB
Aurélien Girard
Jonathan Penfold
JP McMullan
Jangmin Jin
Ilya Belyatskiy
Vratislav Pecka
Jaja Oritsetimeyin Oti Kingsley
Rafael F.Font
Ana Uribe-Flores
Cordell Stonesifer
M-A Djeribi
Anneke Schoneveld
Antonino Marohn
Carl Robert Frenkel
Cloé Marité
Elin Porten
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Kees de Ligt
Laurel Scheller
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