version 3

Throughout 2017 we developed Version 3 with a team of 12 people. The main focus was to offer the community many new techniques to use the existing machines.

V3 Promo video

Banana campaign

Version 3 begun with the Banana campaign, a campaign to find people and money. About 200 people applied and raised a total of 20k€ to fund the project.

Helmond workspace

We developed this version from our loyal workspace in Helmond, The Netherlands. Cooking, eating (vegetarian) and working together daily for 6 months.

New techniques

We developed many new techniques and ways to create recycled products using our existing machines.

recycled products

New products

We released many new videos and tutorials on how to create beautiful products from plastic waste.

Art objects

We also developed a number art objects to show the world plastic can, and should, be valuable.

Recycling container

To showcase everything needed to recycle plastic we made an entire workspace in a container. Then shipped it to the Maldives for a pilot.

Version 3 team

People from around Europe came to develop Version 3.
Product designers and machine builders volunteered up to 7 months to make it happen!

Dave profile pictureNetherlands flag
Dave Hakkens

10 months

Dave run the project setting directions and strategies throughout the development of Version 3. And had fun recording another 20+ videos. He skilfully managed to refine his chocolate addiction.

Italy flag
Mattia Bernini

10 months

This Italian guy started helping out to create version 2, nowadays he is fully nested in the DNA of Precious Plastic. He has been a steady force into making sure the projects runs smooth from day to day, planning out future directions and designing this website.

Netherlands flag
Emile Corre

9 months

He was the first one to join us helping out to develop  version 3. A hands on guy from the Netherlands that gets things done. He makes amazing lunch and is a master in improvising. He helped out to set up a workspace in Kenya and experimenting with plastic (big crystals).

Netherlands flag
Mathijs Stroober

8 months

Mathijs joined in the early days as part of his masters graduation project at TU/Delft. He is not around full time but saw the entire version evolve from scratch. He has been involved into many different techniques like beam making.

Australia flag
Johe Bruneau

7 months

I think Johe has a secret relationship with our workspace- he already left it 3 times but keeps coming back. Using his amazing French craftsmanship skills and techniques to make plastic more valuable. He has been mastering the process of making moulds from Aluminum casting.

France flag
Jerry De Vos

7 months

This Dutch guy has unlimited amounts of energy and has been working on the technical side of the project, from machines to mould making. He has been pushing the limits with our iPhone case for the injection machine.

Sonja Jaskiewicz

6 months

Sonia got here from Poland with her bag full of spirits and have been working hard on new techniques to work with plastic. She also made sure everyone was respecting the cooking rota.

Björn Steinar

5 months

Our tall Icelandic guy started out turning bags into strong sheet material and later running wild experiments and tryouts. Has the ability to easily switch from one technique to another with unique creative output.

Marta Ríos

5 months

This energetic Spanish girl came straight from working in a refugee camp in Greece to help us out recycling plastic. Serious topics but she is always in for a joke. Or meme. She went full on crafting/sanding and polishing plastic trying to make it more valuable.

Germany flag
Katharina Elleke

5 months

Super enthusiast community member from Germany. Came to our studio wanting to help out, now she drops by whenever she has time between studies. She know everything about community. Everything.


3 months

Our Mexican engineer. He joined us before v2 but was only allowed to help out for 3 months because of stupid visa reasons (marriage anyone?). The oldest one in the group, our wise grandfather. He has been all-rounding his engineering skills and hacking the extrusion machine.

Ben & Bex

2 months

Lovely New Zealanders coding couple working in Netherlands. They have been working on our online map and fully integrating it with our online community + painting the container :)